Signs Of Wind Damage On Your Thompson Valley / Kamloops Roof

There are signs to look for when you believe there may have been wind damage to your roof. When doing so, please be safe while inspecting your roof.

Try to take a look from a window inside the house or walk around the outside of your house looking for signs of debris on the ground. If it is safe to do so, put up a ladder and take a closer look from above. If in doubt, call a professional roofing contractor.

Owens Corning Roofing has a network of Preferred Roofing Contractors if you are looking to find a roofing contractor in the Kamloops or Thompson Valley area. In fact, Whonnock Roofing and Gutters Ltd is the ONLY platinum preferred contractor in all of BC. That means that they trust us above and beyond EVERY OTHER installer for roofing in Kamloops, the Thompson valley and beyond!

Wind Damage

Here in the Kamloops and Thompson valley, our roofs get a lot of wind. Significant wind, like we saw last week, can cause shingles to blow off the roof deck.

Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other interior damage. Other wind damage may not be easy to see, especially if the adhesive seal that provides a water-shedding surface is broken. All manufacturers publish a wind warranty on their shingles; it is important to compare the wind coverage when making your shingle selection on a new roof. Owens Corning Premium Duration shingles have the patented SureNail strip and with that comes the highest wind rating of any shingle on the market. If the winds that caused the shingle damage were above the manufacturer’s wind coverage, for OC it’s 130mph, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. If they were not, contact the shingle manufacturer to file a claim.

SureNail from Owen Corning

The SureNail technology that comes with the Owens Corning brand is second to none and is one of two shingles we proudly promote, here at Whonnock Roofing and Gutters Ltd.

Potential signs of wind damage:

  • Missing shingles
  • Thin horizontal lines where granules have been worn off about 1-2 inches beneath the shingle above; this could indicate that the shingle seal was broken and the shingle was flapping in the wind rubbing against the shingle above it. To be effective against the elements, shingles must be sealed to each other as one water tight roof deck.
  • Improper installation of the roof itself. IE, Blow through from the nail gun.
  • Bent/broken down shingles. Over time, high winds can breakdown the shingle strength/integrity making is more susceptible to damage. 
  • The life of your roof. It is highly recommended and good Roofing practice to get a yearly inspection done.

Remember, the only thing between the bad weather and your house/investment is your roof.